26 março, 2015

Dennis - Pimentinha

Dennis the menace, finished and painted
Pimentinha, terminado e pintado

13 abril, 2014

Heroic forms

Trying to learn how to model human forms, heroic forms type... here a rapid study that i can call "A Hero with no name"

Aprendendo a modelar formar humanas, aqui um rápido estudo... que eu poderia chamar de "Herói Sem Nome"

29 abril, 2013

Size Comparison

Size comparison of "Mermaid Man" from the SpongeBob show

Size comparison

Size comparison of "Hanna Barbera-Captain Caveman"

Size comparison

size comparison of Futurama Leela

Mask detail

Detail of the mask of "Mermaid Man" from the SpongeBob show

28 abril, 2013

Mewtwo - Work In Progress

I started the "Mewtwo" maquete, here in very early stage, there´s a lot of things to do to be finished, measure about 7 inches, made in epoxi like Aves and SuperSculpey firm

Mermaid Man - update

Mermaid man almost finished

Leela - new update

New update of "Leela", working on bra, hands and gun

Captain Caveman - update

New update of Captain Caveman, working on hands and the bird

21 fevereiro, 2013

Hair Bear Bunch - Urso do Cabelo Duro

New update of the "Hair Bear Bunch, i started the "Square Bear"

Captain Caveman - update

New update of the "Captain Caveman", finished the cape and the bird feet

12 fevereiro, 2013

14 novembro, 2012

Breezly and Sneezly - (Matraca Trica e Fofoquinha)

Very early version of the Hanna Barbera "Breezly and Sneezly", still in work in progress, measure about 7 inches, made in epoxi like "Aves". ----------------------------------------------- Iniciei uma versão de Hanna Barbera "Matraca Trica e Fofoquinha", ainda há muito trabalho para terminar, mede por volta de 14 cm e feito em Durepoxi.

20 outubro, 2012

Freddie Mercury base statue

Just some more refining to finish the base of the Freddie Mercury statue

19 outubro, 2012

Base paint job

I started the paint job of the base of Freddie Mercury statue